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Simple Band Saw Fence

By: Logan Wittmer
A couple of switchable magnets and some plywood will make a great fence for your band saw.

Recently, I needed to resaw some boards on my band saw to make bookmatched door panels. Unfortunately, the stock fence that came with my band saw was too short and too cumbersome to adjust to work effectively. I wanted something that could be adjusted quickly, but I didn’t want to invest the money in a dedicated resaw fence. Since I already had a couple switchable magnets (magnetic holder beds) on hand, I devised this fence system that meets all of my needs. It’s tall enough to accommodate the stock that I typically resaw. And with the magnets acting as anchors, it couldn’t be simpler to adjust.

W216 004f01

The fence is made from a piece of plywood with two counterbored holes at either end to attach the magnets. Most switchable magnets have a threaded hole in one face for this purpose. I also clipped the top corners of the fence to remove the sharp edges.

WS216 004a01

To use the fence, simply set it in place on the band saw table and turn each of the magnets to the “on” position.

W216 004f02

Published: Aug. 22, 2019
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