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Band Saw

Band saws rank high on many woodworkers’ wish lists. And with good reason. From re-sawing to cutting curves, ripping to crosscutting, cutting circles and even intricate scroll patterns, there is no other woodworking machine that can match the versatility of a band saw.

Logs to Lumber on a Bandsaw

You don't need a huge sawmill to create lumber for your projects. Logan has some great tips and techniques for … Read More

Handy Band Saw Sled

Here's a simple jig that let's you add your band saw to the project production work-flow. Read More

Band Saw Kerf Bending

A recent desk lamp from Woodsmith Magazine featured an interesting solid wood lamp shade made with a kerf bending technique. … Read More

Cut Perfect Circles at the Band Saw

The band saw is a versatile tool, especially for cutting curves, but cutting a circle can be a challenge. With … Read More

Simple Band Saw Fence

A couple of switchable magnets and some plywood will make a great fence for your band saw. Read More

Techniques For Resawing On The Band Saw: Setting The Fence To Compensate For Blade Drift

With the right blade and the right setup, you can cut stock to any thickness, and even create your own … Read More

Band Saw Blade Rack

Finding a place to keep all of your band saw blades organized and close at hand can be a challenge. … Read More

Perfect Band Saw Cuts

Attention to a few easy-to-master details guarantees accurate cuts. Read More

The Secret to Folding Band Saw Blades

The band saw is a versatile tool that’s easy to use, but folding the blades for storage can be a … Read More

Spare Change Spacer

Use this simple tip to keep your blade kerf from pinching your blade. Read More

Shop Tool Caddy

Keeping shop machines running in top shape requires a few simple tools. Tracking down those tools can be a hassle, … Read More

Band Saw Sled

The band saw makes curved cuts a snap. When it's comes to making square, clean crosscuts, it needs a little … Read More

Band Saw Table Gauge

This simple, shop-made gauge uses a common school supply to make setting up your band saw for angles and bevels … Read More

Band Saw Zero Clearance Table

Cutting curves is an ideal task for the band saw. Phil shows how to get even better results by making … Read More

Spline Trimming Jig

Adding splines to a miter joint is a great way to increase strength and the appearance of a small box. … Read More