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ShopNotes Podcast 047 — What Glue for You?

By: Phil Huber
There are so many woodworking glue types available. Choosing which ones to have in your workshop can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Wood glue stands as an essential, and sometimes overlooked woodworking supply. It used to be just a single bottle of "yellow glue" that you could pick up from the hardware store.

I suppose if you're of a ceratin age, it might be a pot of hide glue warming in the corner of the shop ...

Like Oreos, wood glue has a different flavor for all kinds of situations — it's too much. On today's show, John, Logan, and Phil share what glue they use most often ... and which bottles sit on the shelf gathering dust.

One item they all agree on: Titebond is the preferred brand. (Yes, ahem -- full disclosure -- they are a sponsor of the Woodsmith Shop TV show)

Phil prefers Liquid hide glue, using both Titebond liquid hide glue or Old Brown Glue. A bottle of Titebond III takes second place.

Logan is a Titebond II user with liquid hide glue close behind.

John prefers Titebond III and Quick & Thick. He wonders about Logan and Phil's preference for hide glue.

In the second tier, epoxy and CA glue get used less frequently but remain important.

How about you? What glue for you?


Published: Dec., 11 2020
Topics: None
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