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Shop Tool Wrench Caddy

By: Erich Lage
This customizable caddy let's you keep all the important stuff close at hand in the shop.

1 20 01 Almost every large stationary tool in my shop came with a small set of tools to make adjustments — wrenches (some metric, some SAE) screwdrivers, and chuck keys. But few are labeled with size or use description. And sadly, none of the machines came with a place to conveniently store the tools. As a solution, I use small pieces of plywood with properly sized holes to fit the accessories for each tool. Then I fit a rare-earth magnet in the back. Now, whenever I need to make an adjustment, the appropriate tool is right at hand. 1 20 03 The Allen wrenches for my band saw are out of the way when operating the tool, but still easy to access. 1 20 05 The block can be used to store more than just tools. It also makes a handy pencil holder.

Published: Jan. 20, 2022
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