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Shop-Made Vertical Cutting Jig

By: Erich Lage
A safe jig that will address the needs of making vertical cuts at the table saw.

W209 004f01 When it comes to cutting tenons, I usually turn to the table saw. Plus, many projects require cuts that can only be made by passing the workpiece vertically through the blade. Rather than cobbling something together every time one of these cuts arises, I built the vertical cutting jig for my saw that you see above. W209 004a01 The jig just requires a few parts and hardware, and it’s easy to make, as shown above. It consists of two basic components: a fence and a guide. W209 004a01 d01 The fence mounts to the saw’s rip fence with two commercial fence clamps. This makes it easy to adjust the fence in relation to the blade. On its own, the fence is a great tall auxiliary fence. W209 004a01 d03 The fence’s miter track accepts a runner mounted to the underside of the guide. And a wood cleat and hold-down clamp on the guide keep the workpiece secure as you cut. W209 004f01 detail After clamping the fence to your saw’s rip fence, all you do is secure the workpiece to the guide and set the runner in the miter track. Then position the rip fence to make the cut. The guide will carry the workpiece smoothly through the blade.

Published: Oct., 29 2020
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