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Jigs & Fixtures

We've compiled some of our best jigs and fixture that will make your time in the shop more productive.

Simple Shelf Pin Jig

An old ruler can be put to good use for bookcase projects. Read More

Non-Marring Finishing Stands

Finishing a project is a multi-stage affair. This tip protects the progress you've made along the way. Read More

Multi-Miter Sled

If making a lot of picture frames is in your future, this miter cutting jig will be worth the time … Read More

Making a Plastic Shield for our Router Mortising Machine

One of my favorite tools happens to be this shop-built tool from Woodsmith. It’s a Router Mortising Machine, but I … Read More

Shop-Made Scroll-Bending Jig

At first glance, this jig looks like some kind of board game. You know, the one where you jump pegs … Read More

DIY Shop-Made Can Crusher

This can crusher is a great project to get the kids in the shop. It has a few simple parts … Read More

Making an Adjustable Router Dado Jig

After building this shop-made jig, you'll be routing dadoes and grooves that fit perfectly. Plus, it features a handy, built-in … Read More

Brad Nailing Guide

An easy way to prevent those nasty blow-outs when using your brad nailer. Read More

Cut Perfect Tenons with this Table Saw Jig!

Cutting precise tenons with perfectly smooth cheeks is a snap with this easy-to-build table saw jig that adjusts to fit … Read More

Shop-Made Vertical Cutting Jig

A safe jig that will address the needs of making vertical cuts at the table saw. Read More

Bench Hooks

These shop-made bench hooks come in handy when cutting workpieces at the bench. Read More

Sawhorse Flip Stops

These two pieces of wood added to your sawhorses will make life a lot easier. Well, at least when working … Read More

Saving Lumber with Your Planer

Here's an easy safe way to salvage the scraps from projects. Read More

Band Saw Siding Jig

A simple and safe way to make shingles for craft projects. Read More

Adjustable Hardboard Arc

This shop-made arc makes quick work of creating curves. Read More