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Jigs & Fixtures

We've compiled some of our best jigs and fixture that will make your time in the shop more productive.

Workbench Upgrade: Bench Vise

An integrated face vise is a must-have for your workbench, but when you’re working on small or detailed parts an … Read More

Rolling Center Finder

Find the center of your workpiece quickly with this simple shop-made jig. Read More

Shop-Built Drill Press Edge Sander

A full-size, dedicated edge sander is a nice luxury to have in your shop — if you have the space. … Read More

Plunge Router Mortising Jig

This jig lets you make mortises with your plunge router. It clamps to your workbench at a height that's easy … Read More

Build a Precision Crosscut Sled

This table saw sled has a versatile fence and expanding base that allows it to make accurate and chip-free crosscuts … Read More

Versatile Miter Jig

Instead of a miter gauge, I prefer to use a sled for all of my crosscutting at the table saw. … Read More

Pivoting Fence for a Crosscut Sled

A crosscut sled is handy to have around there's no doubt about that. One with a pivoting fence is even … Read More

Wheel Dressing Jig

An easy way to keep the wheels on your grinder square. All it takes is the handful of items you … Read More

Clamp Grinder

Here's an easy way to tame an unruly, bumpy clamp head. A jig for your disc sander is all it … Read More

Drill Press Table

This simple drill press table is a great addition to the shop. You probably have enough material left over from … Read More


This little sled is a big deal. I use the jig often for accurately sizing small parts at the table … Read More

Shop-Made Hold-Down

A shop-made hold-down works great at keeping the workpiece you're cutting where you want it to be. It's adjustable also … Read More

Horizontal Drilling on the Lathe

With this jig you can put your lathe to work on a different level. Drilling deep, accurate, repeatable holes in … Read More

Blade Sharpening Jig

Here's a nice way to economically sharpen plane blades. A simple block and a handful of hardware is all it … Read More

Brad Nailer Guide

This jig lets you take control of your brad nailer. Attaching nosing and thin strips to plywood without the worry … Read More