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Jigs & Fixtures

We've compiled some of our best jigs and fixture that will make your time in the shop more productive.

Sawhorse Flip Stops

These two pieces of wood added to your sawhorses will make life a lot easier. Well, at least when working … Read More

Saving Lumber with Your Planer

Here's an easy safe way to salvage the scraps from projects. Read More

Band Saw Siding Jig

A simple and safe way to make shingles for craft projects. Read More

Adjustable Hardboard Arc

This shop-made arc makes quick work of creating curves. Read More

Simple Saddle Square

Marking layout lines on multiple sides of a workpiece is easy with this simple jig. Read More

A Table Saw Sled for Picture Perfect Miters!

If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to cut gap-free miter joints on the table saw, then this miter sled is … Read More

Outrigger Miter Saw Clamps

A versatile way to hold and cut crown and cove molding while working at the Miter Saw. Read More

Build Your Own Toggle Clamp

Make a wood toggle clamp from some wood scraps and simple hardware. Read More

Small Parts Shooting Board

This little jig along with your block plane will make perfect miters. Read More

Perfect Mortises With a Router Jig

A hand-held plunge router can be a great tool for cutting mortises. As you can see in the video, the … Read More

Flat Boards Without a Jointer

Unfortunately, warped boards are a challenge woodworkers encounter all too often, but we have a solution. Rod Reyes of My … Read More

Shop-made Chamfer Sander

This tool will let you ease the edges of your project with a consistent edge every time. Read More

Turning Rounds on the Table Saw

You can easily turn round work pieces on a lathe. However, not every woodworker owns a lathe, but that doesn’t … Read More

Five Minute Miter Box

This simple miter box makes cutting small pieces of wood safe and stress free. Read More

Router Leveling Jig

Flattening twisted and rough cut lumber is a breeze with this Jig. Read More