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Jigs & Fixtures

We've compiled some of our best jigs and fixture that will make your time in the shop more productive.

Shop-Made Setup Gauge

The beef I have with using a ruler to set up a router bit is that it’s nearly impossible to … Read More

Table Saw Extension Supports

These little rollers are going to make cutting large sheets of plywood run a lot smoother. Read More

Simple Shelf Pin Jig

An old ruler can be put to good use for bookcase projects. Read More

Non-Marring Finishing Stands

Finishing a project is a multi-stage affair. This tip protects the progress you've made along the way. Read More

Multi-Miter Sled

If making a lot of picture frames is in your future, this miter cutting jig will be worth the time … Read More

Making a Plastic Shield for our Router Mortising Machine

One of my favorite tools happens to be this shop-built tool from Woodsmith. It’s a Router Mortising Machine, but I … Read More

Shop-Made Scroll-Bending Jig

At first glance, this jig looks like some kind of board game. You know, the one where you jump pegs … Read More

DIY Shop-Made Can Crusher

This can crusher is a great project to get the kids in the shop. It has a few simple parts … Read More

Making an Adjustable Router Dado Jig

After building this shop-made jig, you'll be routing dadoes and grooves that fit perfectly. Plus, it features a handy, built-in … Read More

Brad Nailing Guide

An easy way to prevent those nasty blow-outs when using your brad nailer. Read More

Cut Perfect Tenons with this Table Saw Jig!

Cutting precise tenons with perfectly smooth cheeks is a snap with this easy-to-build table saw jig that adjusts to fit … Read More

Shop-Made Vertical Cutting Jig

A safe jig that will address the needs of making vertical cuts at the table saw. Read More

Bench Hooks

These shop-made bench hooks come in handy when cutting workpieces at the bench. Read More

Sawhorse Flip Stops

These two pieces of wood added to your sawhorses will make life a lot easier. Well, at least when working … Read More

Saving Lumber with Your Planer

Here's an easy safe way to salvage the scraps from projects. Read More