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Router Bit Storage Cabinet

By: John Doyle
This slim case corrals your routers, bits, and other gear, and the construction keeps it approachable enough to build in a weekend. Come along on a tour of this Router Storage Cabinet with the project designer, John Doyle.

Combine sharp edges with the dollar investment you have in your router bits, and finding a good storage and organization strategy becomes pretty important. That is why I came up with this cabinet designed to house all of your router gear — well a lot of router gear anyway. One key component is how to keep the sharp edges of the bits protected and easy to see and access. Here are a couple of the solutions.

Bit Trays

Bit Trays

For most router bits, I find simple bit trays to be the most versatile. The versions shown here are a sandwich of 1/4" hardboard glued to 3/4" plywood. A grid of holes is drilled, but not completely through the panels, as shown in detail ‘b.’

Bit tray main drawing

Bit tray details

The two trays divide the router bits by shank size: one for 1/4" bits, the other houses 1/2"-shanked cutters. You can alternate the holes in other configurations to organize bits by type or size. One last thing, I drilled the holes slightly larger than shank diameter. This makes them easier to remove and reduces the chance of getting cut by the bit’s edges.

Bit rack photo

Bit Racks

Some router bits come with extra baggage, so to speak. Rabbeting bits and slot cutters have extra bearings or cutter heads that are best kept together. Stile and rail or rule joint bits are other candidates for making a custom rack.

Bit rack drawing Bit rack detail

For these, I made removable racks that hang on a French cleat installed on the cabinet’s back panel (main drawing). The main part of the rack is a small version of the bit tray. A groove holds the back and a short beveled cleat. The bits you store here determine the overall size of the racks as well as any other customizing. I use steel pins or dowels to hold accessories.

You can use these router bit storage solutions in your current cabinets and drawers or build a dedicated cabinet for your router with our complete step-by-step plans from!

Published: April 6, 2023
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