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Rotating Table Latch

By: Logan Wittmer
An Easy Way to Keep the Tools you Need Close At Hand.

06 29 01 A great way to save space in my shop is to combine smaller bench tools onto a rotating platform. I use a lazy Susan bearing and plywood to create my rotating tables. Holding the table in position while I work can be an issue however. The solution I came up with is the latch seen here. 06 29 03 Spring-loaded lock. The latch is a shop-made, spring-loaded lock. A corner spacer is made in two halves and holds a sliding bolt. Inbetween the corner spacer is a rear block that has a hole for a spring and cut off bolt (detail ā€˜aā€™ and ā€˜cā€™). The sliding bolt presses against the spring and slides between the corner spacers. A top plate with a slot caps the whole thing. A rounded off bolt is epoxied into the sliding bolt to act as a thumb post. 06 29 05 The rounded head on a modified bolt is the perfect pull to release the bolt and turn the lazy Susan. Easy To Use. To use it, you simply pull the post back, releasing the bolt from a notch in the lazy Susan. You can then rotate the lazy Susan and release the bolt. The bolt will automatically engage when you reach the next notch position in the platform, locking it in place.

Published: June 29, 2023
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