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Quick Tips Volume 29

By: Erich Lage & Logan Wittmer
Here are some Tips that make Everyday Life in the Shop Easier

Glueup Mat

29 1 Hermie Tolerba of Sugarland, TX, discovered that inexpensive plastic drawer liners from discount stores make perfect gluing mats. The slick surface doesn’t allow glue to stick to it, and they can be rolled up for storage anywhere in the shop.

Push Stick Scabbard

29 2 Lou LaFrate of Vail, AZ, was tired of searching for his push sticks. To keep them organized and close at hand, Lou added a scabbard made out of a cardboard tube to the side of his table saw. Now, push sticks are always within reach while he’s at the saw.

Blade Cover

29 3 William Aulick of Cincinnati, OH, was tired of his forearms getting scratched up by the teeth of the table saw blade when changing it. 29 3b To protect his arm, he now wraps a cord organizer tube over the teeth of the blade before reaching inside to loosen the nut.

Caster Bar

29 4 Dana Myers of Des Moines, IA, found that using individual casters on each corner of his workbench caused it to twist when raising one corner at a time. To fix this, Dana added a connector bar between the lift levers. 29 4b Now, both wheels engage at the same time.

Published: Feb. 23, 2023
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