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Quick Tips Vol. 25

By: Erich Lage
Sawing, Clamping, Sanding Oh My!

Spare Change Spacers.

WS238 008f03 Roger Page of Columbia, MO, was resawing stock on his band saw and noticed the kerf was starting to pinch close on the blade. Since he didn’t have a thin scrap, he reached in his pocket and found that a nickel was the perfect size for his band saw blade kerf. WS238 008f03detail By inserting a couple coins into the kerf, it keeps his blade free to keep cutting.

Edge Clamps.

WS238 008f04 Dennis Volz of Denver, CO, recently needed some edge clamps for the edging he was applying on a shelf. Instead of buying specialized clamps, Dennis cut strips from a bicycle inner tube and slipped them over spring clamps. The tube holds the edging tight when the clamps are in place.

Knobless Sander.

WS238 009f04 Riley Onofrio of Saint Paul, MN, needed to sand a tall workpiece on his spindle sander but the retaining knob at the top hit the workpiece as it oscillated. To fix the problem, Riley used a few layers of painter’s tape on the shaft. WS238 009f05 The friction holds the sleeve in place without the knob.

Published: Nov. 3, 2022
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