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Locking Pipe Clamp Stands

By: Phil Huber
Pipe clamps are a great option for getting clamps in various sizes. If you've ever set up pipe clamps before a glue-up, however, you may have noticed that they like to roll around and not stay where you place them. Here, Phil shares a quick tip on these little pipe clamp helpers that keep your clamps in place.

I use a shop-built table with T-tracks set into the top for most of my assembly work. But even with a dedicated assembly table, my pipe clamps are oftentimes too long to sit on the table. To help support my clamps, I made several of these pipe clamp stands that lock in place in the T-track.

WS220 007f01

Each clamp stand consists of a hardboard base with an upright made from MDF. A threaded knob, hex bolt, and washer lock the stand to the T-track.

WS220 007f01a

Start by gluing a couple pieces of MDF together. The pieces should be large enough so that when trimmed to size they yield two stands. I then drilled a hole slightly larger than the diameter of the pipe clamps and cut the piece in half through the center of the hole. All that’s left is to chamfer the edges and glue it to the base.

Published: June, 3 2021
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