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Clamping & Gluing

These useful clamping and gluing tricks can help you avoid sticky situations.

Right Angle Clamp

This simple shop-made jig provides you with an extra hand when it comes to assembly. All it takes is a … Read More

Drill Press Clamping Block

Some wood blocks, along with a regular, F-style bar clamp, allow you to “step over” the webbing to secure items … Read More

Clamping Workstation

If you have a bench that has T-tracks installed, these upgrades are for you. If you don't, you might want … Read More

Shop-Made Bench Top Clamp

You can never have enough clamps, right? Of course not. Here's a simple shop-made version that works in tandem with … Read More

Assembly Helpers

Some shop-made helping hands work in tandem with the T-track in your fence to alleviate some assembly woes. Read More

Squaring Jig

When you have a lot of panels to assemble here's an iron-clad solution for keeping all the parts square and … Read More

Bench Vise Helper

The face vise on a workbench can rack out of alignment if parts are clamped on one side. Here's a … Read More

Dealing With Excess Glue

Glue squeezeout — it's going to happen. Here are afew tips and tricks that show you the best ways to … Read More

Gluing Thick Panels

Gluing up layers of plywood with wood glue can be a challenge. Try another adhesive to speed up the process … Read More

The Most Versatile Clamps

These century-old clamping tools still deserve a place in your shop. Learn a few practical uses for a set of … Read More

Molding Clamping Trick

Here's a smart solution for clamping molding in place without the risk of damaging the profile. Read More

Easy Clamping Station

In a short time, you can build a handy workcenter to simplify assembly tasks. Read More

Low-Cost Frame Clamp

A few scraps of wood and some common hardware combine to create a simple clamp to tame tricky glueups. Read More

Get More From Classic Clamps

Handscrew clamps are versatile problem solvers for any shop. The wood jaws are easy to customize to suit the task. … Read More

Pipe Clamp Tricks

Versatile and inexpensive, pipe clamps are a great solution for project assembly. Here's how to get the most out of … Read More