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Clamping & Gluing

These useful clamping and gluing tricks can help you avoid sticky situations.

Small Parts Vise

This vise will let you get a grip on all sorts of shapes. All it takes is some wood scraps, … Read More

Beyond Yellow Glue: Cyanoacrylate

Choosing the right adhesive for your projects will help make sure they last a lifetime. Read More

Shop-Made Spring Clamp

A simple wood clamp that fits the bill when you're in a pinch. Read More

Extended Reach Clamps

Here's a simple way to extend the reach and the life of your humble old C-clamp. Read More

Junk Mail Glue Spreader

Save those junk mail cards and use them as a cheap glue spreader. Read More

Right Angle Clamp

This simple shop-made jig provides you with an extra hand when it comes to assembly. All it takes is a … Read More

Drill Press Clamping Block

Some wood blocks, along with a regular, F-style bar clamp, allow you to “step over” the webbing to secure items … Read More

Clamping Workstation

If you have a bench that has T-tracks installed, these upgrades are for you. If you don't, you might want … Read More

Cheap Edge Clamps

Thin strips of wood easily conceal and protect the edges of plywood panels. The trick is clamping it for a … Read More

Shop-Made Bench Top Clamp

You can never have enough clamps, right? Of course not. Here's a simple shop-made version that works in tandem with … Read More

Assembly Helpers

Some shop-made helping hands work in tandem with the T-track in your fence to alleviate some assembly woes. Read More

Bench Vise Shims

Securing a workpiece on one side of the vise on your workbench can cause the jaws to deflect. This racking … Read More

Better Glue Dispenser

Assembly time can get hectic. One way to keep things on an even keel is to have a place for … Read More

Benchtop Clamping Solution

Holding large workpieces, like panels or shelves, on edge isn't always easy. And if you need to work on several … Read More

Bar Clamp Connectors

Quick-action, pistol-grip clamps are great additions to a shop. But they come in a limited range of sizes. Here's a … Read More