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Outrigger Miter Saw Clamps

By: Erich Lage
A versatile way to hold and cut crown and cove molding while working at the Miter Saw.

W221 008f01 Using your hand to hold a workpiece against the fence of a miter saw can be a dangerous proposition. Especially if the workpiece is small or needs to be held at an angle (like the crown molding shown above). To assist in a situations like this, I designed this dual outrigger clamping system to use on my miter saw. W221 008A01 This clamping system consists of two main components. The riser assemblies raise the clamps up to the level of the miter saw table. They’re attached to the workbench with screws. The other parts consist of clamp assemblies that hold the workpiece against the fence. Each one has a tall fence on one side with a strip of adhesive-backed sandpaper on its face. W221 008f02 For blade clearance, position the clamp base with the threaded rod through the 45° slot when making angled cuts. The two slots allow for different clamp placements. A threaded rod and knob secures the clamp to the riser assembly. W221 008A01 d01 This clamping system can be configured to fit other miter saws. For instance, the riser assemblies can be made taller or shorter by changing the dimension of the uprights. Or, the risers may work better to the side of the saw base, rather than in front.

Published: April, 9 2020
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