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Handscrew Caddy

By: Erich Lage
Handscrews are a valuable tool in the shop. This is an easy way to both store them, and have them at the ready when they are needed.

W223 008f01 preview Due to their awkward shape and varying sizes, handscrews aren’t the easiest shop accessories to store and keep organized. As storage options, I’ve tried everything from a heavy-duty hook on the wall to tucking them away in a drawer. But neither alternative met my criteria for convenience and order. As a solution, I designed the simple caddy you see here. W223 008a01 03 The design of the caddy allows it to hold most sizes of handscrews. Plus, it’s small enough to carry right to my workbench, using the angled cleats as handles. And the open bottom ensures that it won’t fill up with sawdust. W223 008f02 05 But my favorite feature is that it can be conveniently stored out of the way on a wall cleat when I’m done using my clamps. W223 008a01 d01 07 The caddy is made entirely from plywood and goes together with butt joints, glue, and screws. You’ll want to make sure that the angle on the bottom of the cleats matches the angle on the wall cleat. The wall cleat can be made longer for storing several caddies.

Published: Aug., 20 2020
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