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Glue Gun Holster

By: Erich Lage
Here's how you can corral your Hot Glue Gun and the mess it might make.

4 13 01 One tool I often use in the shop is my hot glue gun. It usually surprises people, but I can’t imagine working without it. Storing and moving it around the shop is a pain, however. That is, until I built this glue gun holster. Clean & Convenient. As anyone that has used a glue gun knows, as they heat up and sit, they can get a little messy. Some glue always seeps out of the nozzle. In addition, the hot tip can cause burns if the gun falls over or touches your skin. This caddy takes care of both of those problems. 4 13 03 A plywood base serves as the foundation for this holder. Attached to this is a plywood holster for the gun. 4 13 05 I shaped the top to also act as a handle. 4 13 07 At one end of the base, I added a small box to hold a handful of glue sticks. To solve the problem of dripping glue, I trimmed down a subway tile and put it between the holster and the stick holder. Now, I can move my glue gun around the shop without worry.

Published: April 13, 2023
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