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Drill Press Dust Collection

By: John Doyle
Managing chips and sawdust when using the drill press is always a challenge. The problem is where to locate the vacuum hose for maximum effectiveness. The solution I came up with is the attachment you see here.

It consists of a bracket and telescoping pipe assembly that attaches to the quill of your drill press. The bracket secures the fixed portion of the telescoping PVC pipe. S134 004f01 A pipe with a smaller diameter slips inside the fixed pipe. This allows it to move up and down with the drill press quill, always keeping the suction near the drill bit. An elbow on the end directs the suction toward the bit. I used 1 1/4"-dia. pipe for the fixed portion of the assembly. A 45° elbow fitting at the top is used for attaching the hose from my shop vacuum. You may need to sand the outside diameter to fit your vacuum’s hose. The internal, sliding portion of the pipe assembly is made from 1"-dia. pipe. A 90° elbow and short length of pipe allow it to reach near the drill bit. I didn’t glue this in place in case I need to remove it for additional clearance. S134 004a01 Here are the details for the bracket. S134 004a02

Published: Feb. 14, 2019
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