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Double-Duty Shop Drawers

By: Erich Lage
This clever use of drawer space makes working in a small shop fun.

W229 005f01 Large, deep drawers in cabinets seem to waste a lot of space. In the past, I would just dump loosely associated tools into one of these drawers, only to spend time rooting around in the drawer looking for the item I needed later. That item, of course, was underneath everything else. It occurred to me that I could reclaim some of this dead space by adding a pair of slide-out trays to the top of the existing drawer box. As the photo shows, this is done by flipping the direction of these additional trays and slides. W229 005a01 I started by cutting a pair of notches in the sides of the drawer and sanding the opening smooth. Then, as the drawings show, I built a pair of trays that open to the sides. This gives you maximum control over the space you have available. W229 005f02 When sizing the parts of each tray, remember to account for the thickness of the drawer slides. details ab

Published: June 10, 2021
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