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Custom Pegboard Tool Holders

By: John Doyle
These shop-built holders keep tools and accessories organized.

The final tool holder design can be used to hold several types of tools and accessories. I made a set of racks to hold drill bits, router bits, and even a set of chisels.

The racks start as 1 1/2"-square blanks. I cut a wide chamfer to create an angled face.

For router bits and drill bits, all you need to do is drill holes in the angled face to accept the bits.

Storing chisels requires a different approach. Here, I cut a deep kerf in the angled face. Then I glued in spacers to create custom slots for each chisel size.

w201 004a03

Pegboard is a storage fixture in my shop. The only problem is, I use it so much that it doesn’t take me long to fill the entire board with tools. To free up some extra space, I made blocks that hold tools and accessories at an angle to the pegboard. Now, items like chisels and pliers only take up a few square inches of space on the pegboard instead of a few square feet. Plus, the angle makes it easier to remove the items you need from the board.

W201 004f011

This wedge-shaped holder is designed to hold a set of wrenches. It starts as a square blank. Then using a dado blade in the table saw, I cut a series of angled kerfs across the blank to create the wrench slots. Finally, I cut the holder to its finished size.

To attach this holder (and the others) to the pegboard, insert wall anchors in the pegboard holes. Then drive screws through the holders and into the anchors to secure them, as shown in the detail drawing.

w201 004a01

The idea for the pliers holder came from a letter bin I have in my kitchen. I made this one to hold three tools, but you could easily expand the design to hold several more.

w201 004a02

Published: March 14, 2013
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