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Creative Clamping Solutions

By: Erich Lage
This low-tech way of holding workpieces on the bench works just fine.

05-26 01 I was constantly having trouble holding workpieces on my bench when sanding and routing. Clamps always seemed to be in the way, and I kept having to move them around. I tried one of those non-slip router mats, but they never held well. I solved the problem with a simple, adjustable bench dog system using two metal shelf standards, like you see in the main drawing. 05-26 02 The shelf standards align with an auxiliary jaw I have mounted on my end vise. Now, when I need to clamp a workpiece, I install a shelf support clip at the appropriate position on the standard and tighten the vise. To keep support clips handy, I secured a short piece of shelf standard to one leg of the bench and store them there when I’m not using them. 05-26 03 I used a straightedge to guide my router with a 5⁄8"-dia. straight bit. This left me with two grooves in the top of my bench to accept the standards. On my vise, I simply replaced the flat wood face with a rabbeted auxiliary plate. The top of the plate is left slightly proud to grip the workpiece.

Published: May 26, 2022
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