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Cabinet Door Helper Jig

By: Erich Lage
Hanging Cabinet Doors can at times be a juggling act. Here's a jig that tackles that problem and more.

04 14 01 I always seem to need an extra set of hands when I’m installing cabinet doors. As luck would have it, nobody ever seems to be available to help. Instead of waiting for someone, I decided to create a jig to hold the doors while I install them. In order to attach a door, I first mount the hinges on the door and then capture the door inside the holders. I can then position the door and use the two knobs on the support column to move the door to the correct height and lock them in place, as shown above. The jig has the added benefit of working as a board jack to help support long work pieces. 04 14 03 As you can see in the drawings above, the jig is easy to build with a few pieces of plywood. There are two adjustable holders that attach to the support column. You can build the jig for any size of cabinet door. For heavier doors, you may want to modify the jig by making the feet wider for better support. 04 14 07 The cabinet door jig is sized so that it can also be used at different workstations as a board jack to support long workpieces.

Published: April 14, 2022
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