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Bench Tray

By: Woodsmith staff
There seems to be some unwritten law that says the critical moment that need your pencil or ruler is the moment it rolls off the bench. This simple little tray will put an end to that nonsense.

There always seem to be small parts and tools on my bench from any number of projects I’m working on. Inevitably, they end up either rolling off or getting knocked onto the floor. To fix that once and for all, I made a tray that keeps everything in place.

A post on the bottom of the tray drops into a dog hole to keep the tray in place on the bench. It’s perfect for pencils, small tools, and other items. I even drilled a few holes on one end of the tray for frequently used bits.

To make the tray basin smooth I used a bowl and tray bit with a shop-made template to rout the recess.

Published: Jan., 31 2019
Topics: None