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Band Saw Siding Jig

By: Erich Lage
A simple and safe way to make shingles for craft projects.

W222 008f01 Building dollhouses is one of my favorite woodworking projects. But I was never quite comfortable making the clapboard siding on the table saw. The small, thin pieces that I needed to bevel rip for the siding blanks put my fingers too close to the spinning blade. To solve this problem, I designed this simple jig to use on my band saw. W222 008a01 The jig is simply two plywood sides with a couple plywood filler strips glued to the inside face of each side. The opening created between the filler strips is sized to accommodate a rectangular blank that will yield two tapered siding “strips” when ripped in half. W222 008f02 new text The setup couldn’t be easier. Just tilt the band saw table to 5° and set the fence so the jig is positioned as shown in the inset photo above. Cut into the jig about 1/2" and clamp the jig to the fence. Now feed the blanks through the jig. Use another blank as a push stick to move the workpiece through the jig.

Published: June, 4 2020
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