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Adjustable Bench Dogs

By: Erich Lage
Having options for holding workpieces on the surface of your bench is always good. This simple block earns its keep in the category of clamping assistant.

W224 006f01 The woodworking vise on my workbench doesn’t have a quick-release feature. This can make it a little slow to adjust. To speed up the process when securing a workpiece using bench dogs, I came up with the simple accessory shown above. It allows me to hold a workpiece between it and a unique bench dog inserted in the vise with a minimal amount of adjustment. W224 006a01 This easy-to-adjust bench dog is nothing more than a square piece of plywood with a dowel inserted in a hole in the face of the piece. The key to the bench dog’s adjustability is that the dowel is placed in an offset position from center. W224 006f02 This way, by simply rotating it in the dog hole from one edge to the next, the distance from the workpiece changes as well (4", 3", 2", 1"). This reduces the number of turns of the vise handle needed to secure the piece.

Published: Sept., 10 2020
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