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50 weeks, 50 vessels

By: Logan Wittmer
As a fun little challenge, we challenged our staff of designers, editors, illustrators, and builders to a 50 week, 50 vessel challenge.

Recently, bowls have been an obsession of mine. In particular, turned bowls. There's something about woodturning that's gotten its hooks into me. And I'll tell you; the hooks are deep. So, when our creative director, Chris Fitch, suggested we do a "50 vessels in 50 weeks challenge", I jumped on it. So, we emailed out to our entire staff and challenged anyone who wanted to participate in coming up with a vessel of some sort that we could showcase during this 50-week period. The only stipulation we gave our team was that they had to be vessels of some kind. They could be turned or carved - a bowl, spoon, or box. The entire goal was to see the creative juices start to flow and show off what our diverse staff came up with. The first four weeks are shown below. Keep checking in to see how we're coming on this challenge - and follow the Woodsmith Facebook page for the weekly updates.

Week 1

Logan Wittmer, Assistant Editor. Turned walnut bowl, finished with Danish oil. Inside is copper gilded with a chemically forced patina. 4.75x3.5 (12cmx9cm). Week 1 Bowl outside 1 Week 1 Bowl outside 2Week 1 Bowl outside 2 Week 1 Bowl inside

Week 2

Week 2 - Logan Wittmer, Assistant Editor. Turned Walnut bowl with sapwood. Gold wax-filled shake. 6"x3" (15cmx7.5cm). Week2Outside Week2Outside2 Week2Inside1 Week2Outside3

Week 3

Week 2 - Logan Wittmer, Assistant Editor. This week's ugly duckling is a little walnut piece. Cracked to no end - but filled with gold mica powder and finished with danish oil. Week 3 outside Week 3 outside 2 Week3Inside

Week 4

Week 2 - Chris Fitch, Creative Director. Carved bowl from a wind-blown Pine. Measures 12x8x7". Week4

Keep checking in for updates as this challenge goes along! - Logan

Published: March 27, 2020
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