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Quick Tips Vol. 15

By: Erich Lage
Here's a handful of ideas that are useful in any shop.

Prevent Vise Racking.

w230 008f04 By drilling a hole in the ends of tongue depressors and then securing them with a long bolt, Scott Johnson of Pacific Grove, CA, created a self-adjusting helper for preventing vise rack. w230 008f06 He lays the setup at the opposite end of the workpiece, and as he opens the vise, the appropriate number of sticks drop in place.

Biscuit Painter Points.

w230 008f05 John Doyle of Ankeny, IA, came up with a simple way of creating some stand-off blocks for the stack of cabinet doors that he was finishing. Using a length of scrap plywood, he cut multiple biscuit slots along it, glued biscuits in the slots, and cut the blocks free at the miter saw in the lengths he needed.

Stain History.

w230 006f02 Becky Kralicek of Des Moines, IA, found a permanent solution for remembering the finishing details on her projects. She records the information in a hidden place, such as the underside of a drawer. This removes future guesswork when matching stains.

Chisel Scraper.

w230 006f03 Thomas Roessler of Appleton, WI, put an old chisel that’d been lying around his shop to good use. After sharpening it, he put a burr on it with a steel rod in the same manner as his scrapers. w230 006f04 This created a “mini-scraper” for fine-tuning joinery and fitting into corners.

Published: Sept. 23, 2021
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