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Bench Hooks

By: Erich Lage
These shop-made bench hooks come in handy when cutting workpieces at the bench.

Usually a hold-down is used to clamp a workpiece flat against a benchtop. That’s okay for some work. But if you’re sawing, drilling, or routing, it often requires clamping the piece so that it overhangs the edge of the workbench. As a result, it’s not adequately supported, which makes for a rough, less-than-accurate cut. creative solution. A more versatile solution is to make a set of bench hooks that hold the workpiece securely above the bench (photo above). This provides clearance underneath for bits and blades, letting you work directly over the bench. W224 009f02 As useful as they are, I’d have to say that these bench hooks are a bit unusual looking. So it’s not immediately apparent how they work — until you put them to use. To do that, simply set a bench hook on the bench and push it forward until the heel catches the edge of the bench (photo above). Then place the workpiece on top and butt it against the stop at the end. Several of them spread apart can support any size workpiece. W224 009f03 To make the piece stay put as you work, just continue pressing it against the stop. A light touch is all that’s needed. And since the heel is engaged on the bench, this pressure keeps the bench hook from shifting forward. Small blocks attached to the sides of the body of the bench hook keep it from tipping side-to-side. W224 009a01 The screw eyes in the ends of the bench hooks provide a convenient way to hang them on pegboard for storage. W224 009f01

Published: Oct., 15 2020
Topics: None
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