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Adjustable Hardboard Arc

By: Erich Lage
This shop-made arc makes quick work of creating curves.

W222 007f04 Trying to bend a long, flexible strip and trace an arc at the same time can be tricky. To make it easier, I made an adjustable arc that can be locked into any curved shape I want. The arc is made from a strip of 1⁄4" pegboard (about 24" long), a nylon string, and a cord lock that I bought at a fabric store. easy Assembly. First, cut the nylon string to twice the length of the pegboard strip and tie it to one end. W222 007f05 Next, slip one end of the string through the cord lock and then loop that same end through two holes in the opposite end of the strip. Finish up by feeding the string back through the cord lock. To change the size of the arc, simply move the looped end of the string into a different set of holes in the pegboard strip and adjust the cord lock.

Published: May, 28 2020
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