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Roller Bars for Finishing Shop Projects

By: Erich Lage
This set of rollers make finish application a smooth process.

W219 007f03 When I work on bulky items like large drawers and cabinets, I like to be able to rotate the workpiece for easier access to all sides of the project. My solution was to build several of these “roller bars” using 360° roller bearings (Amazon B009KASQZW). These bars are easy to make by attaching the roller bearings to a piece of “two-by” stock. A cleat fastened to one end of the bar butts against the edge of the workbench and helps to keep the bars aligned. W219 007f02 For smaller projects, a piece of plywood or MDF can be laid across a few roller bars and used as a platform, as shown above. If sized properly, the roller bars can also serve as table saw outfeed rollers.

Published: Nov., 28 2019
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