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Taming Short Crooked Boards

By: Woodsmith staff
Here's a quick way to straighten out those crooked little scraps of lumber that stuff your scrap bin.

For many of my woodworking projects, I use short pieces of rough-sawn stock. Some of the edges are too uneven to safely run them through my jointer to true one edge. Instead, I devised the following technique that allows me to cut one straight edge using my table saw. Start by placing the rough-sawn piece against the rip fence. Position the fence to get the best use out of the board and lock it down.

I then place a few dabs of hot glue down the face of the board closest to the fence to attach a narrow, straight-edged piece of plywood. The plywood should overlap the workpiece and ride against the fence. When the glue hardens, run the pieces through the table saw to get a perfect straight edge on the board. The dried glue scrapes off easily.

Published: Sept., 5 2019
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