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Sliding Featherboard

By: Logan Wittmer
How about having a featherboard that you can use just about anywhere? Boom. Wish granted.

Not all of my stationary tools have a convenient location to clamp a featherboard to their surface. And the fact that my router table doesn’t have a miter gauge slot made coming up with a solution even more of a challenge. To address this problem, I made this simple sliding featherboard system. All you have to do is clamp the featherboard system to the top of your table saw or router table. After sliding the featherboard into position against a workpiece, lock it in place using the knobs.

The featherboard system is easy to build. It consists of a plywood base with a section of T-track recessed in a groove cut in the surface of the base. The finger end of the featherboard has two layers. This allows the fingers to sit flush on the machine surface.

It’s easiest to cut the upper half of the featherboard to shape first and then glue the lower section in place. I then cut evenly spaced fingers at the table saw. Two adjustment slots are located on the upper section for the knobs and bolts.

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Published: July 18, 2019
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