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Adjustable Pull-Out Trays

By: Phil Huber
Upgrade your cabinets. These handy trays slide out to make getting at items quick and easy. An adjustable mounting system lets you customize them to suit your needs.

While upgrading our older kitchen cabinets, I wanted to add pull-out trays to the base cabinets. But I also wanted them to be adjustable so I could position them to maximize the storage space. What I came up with is similar to what old-time cabinetmakers used to use: notched shelf standards, as you see here. The vertical standards have notches evenly spaced along their length.

The drawer slide for the pull-out tray is mounted to a “carrier” piece. This piece has a small tenon at each end to fit into the notches, as you see in this drawing. To adjust the height of the tray, simply move the two carriers to a new notch. To make the notches, I stacked the standards together (four for each cabinet). Then I cut the notches along one edge using a dado blade on my table saw. This way, you can guarantee that all the notches will be level when the pieces are installed in the cabinet.

Published: Aug. 6, 2015
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