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Easy Table Saw Taper Jig

By: Dennis Perkins
Cut smooth tapers with this easy-to-build table saw jig.

Easy Taper Jig

Recently, I had several tapers to cut for a project and didn't want to build a complicated jig or purchase one in order to make accurate cuts. My solution is shown in the drawing. I built a simple sled with a fence on one side. At one end of the sled, I attached a stop to hold the workpiece.

w199 006a023

At the opposite end of the fence, a flat-headed machine screw can be adjusted in or out to set the amount of taper. After setting the screw, I anchor the workpiece with double-sided tape to make accurate taper cuts.

w199 006a02blowup

The screw is mounted in a threaded insert installed in a deep stopped hole drilled into the edge of the fence.

w199 006a02 d012

Published: Feb., 23 2012
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