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Table Saw

The table saw is front and center in most shops, and rightly so. This tool gives you ultimate control when it comes to building projects of all shapes and sizes.

Must-Have Table Saw Add-On

Make a zero-clearance insert for clean, safe cuts on your saw. Read More

Accurate & Safe Table Saw Cuts

Learn a few easy steps for better results when ripping stock. Read More

Top-Notch Cuts in Plywood

Learn three ways to make clean, crisp plywood panels. Read More

Accurate & Safe Table Saw Cuts

A Pair of Accessories Every Woodworker Needs. Read More

Handy Table Saw Add-On

Build this multipurpose jig for top-notch cuts. Read More

Cutting Perfect Parts

Learn this table saw trick for smooth cuts. Read More

Dealing with Dust

Clear the air around your table saw. Read More

Cove Molding The Easy Way

A table saw sled eliminates the hassle of compound angles. Read More

Dustproof Your Table Saw

Take a look at low-cost ways to clear the air in your shop. Read More

Stop Block for Perfect Cuts

Build this easy, accurate shop-built add-on for your table saw. Read More

Smooth Tapers Made Easy

A table saw sled makes cutting a breeze. Read More

Leveling a Table Saw Insert

Here's a hassle-free trick for a flush insert. Read More

Cut Small Parts Safely

Get more from a featherboard. Read More

Time-Saving Dado Gauge

This guide makes setting up a dado blade a breeze. Read More

Quick Tip for Thin Strips

Easy setup for perfect cuts every time. Read More