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In the Shop

Whether it’s a simple trick for holding a workpiece better, or a way to get a little more from your dust collector, we’ve gathered some of the best shop tips here.

Box Fan Tower

A run-of-the-mill box fan can help you stay cool in the shop or provide fresh air for finishing. The problem … Read More

Scroll Saw Base

Here's an easy way to tame the vibration and movement of your scroll saw. All it takes is a simple … Read More

Door Mounting Aid

Mounting cabinet doors is often easier said than done. Getting the hinges mounted to the door usually isn’t too difficult. … Read More

Handscrew Stop Block

A handscrew clamp is a traditional and versatile shop accessory. You can even use these tools at the table saw … Read More

Caster Lock ID

Locking casters are great for shop carts and tool stands. The trouble is it can be hard to know if … Read More

Working with Small Parts

Even a large piece of furniture can have a few small pieces and parts. And if you’re making small projects, … Read More

Layout with Whiteout

A pencil works great for most layout tasks. However, in darker-colored materials, the line can be pretty difficult to see. … Read More

Cutting PVC Pipe

PVC pipe makes a great low-cost dust collection system. However, making clean, straight cuts isn't easy — unless you use … Read More

Dust Collector Upgrade

A dust collector forms an important part of keeping your shop shipshape. Take a look at this solution for maintaining … Read More

Small Parts Keeper

Whether it's doing some routine maintenance, or restoring an old tool, it doesn't take long to gather an assortment of … Read More

Offset Marking Gauge

Making an accurate layout gets your project off on the right foot. Here's a time-saving way to draw precise, clear … Read More

Shelf Pin Jig Spacer

Adjustable shelves make any storage cabinet more versatile. But more holes isn't always better. Instead, here's a way to place … Read More

Measuring Round Stock

Measuring the diameter of round stock, like dowels, can be a real challenge. It usually ends up being somewhat of … Read More

Creating a Solid-Wood Table Top

A step-by-step approach is the key to turning ordinary wood into a flat, stable worksurface. Read More

Branding Iron Station

A custom branding iron makes it easy to "sign" the projects you build. However, it's not always easy to find … Read More