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Hand Tools

Some think that hand tools are mostly a thing of the past, but there's nothing further from the truth. Planes, chisels, and saws are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tools that perform without a cord.

An Updated Infill Shoulder Plane

A custom shoulder plane is a pleasure to build and use. Read More


A new version of an old tool to handle difficult carving tasks. Read More

How To: Hand-Cut Dadoes

A few basic hand tools and an easy-to-master technique are all you need to cut clean, accurate dadoes the quiet … Read More

Using a Shop-Built Setup Gauge

On some woodworking tasks, setup takes more time than the actual operation. Careful machine and tool setup pays off in … Read More

Shop-Built Mallet from Scrap Wood

A hefty solid-wood mallet is a great tool for assembling projects, or for gentle persuasion when you don't want to … Read More

Mastering Chisel Basics

Precise, controlled chisel cuts are a breeze when you use the right grip and technique. Read More

Perfect Cuts With Coping & Fret Saws

For smooth, curved cuts and other fine work, it’s tough to beat the results you can get with these essential … Read More

Tips & Techniques For Using A Smoothing Plane

For the ultimate in smooth, flat surfaces, this versatile hand plane can't be beat. Here's how to make this tool … Read More

Shop Secrets To A Smooth Surface

Forget the sandpaper. Take a look at a couple of scraping tools that take the work out of creating a … Read More

7 Essential Layout Tools

With a small collection of the right tools, you can handle just about any layout task — efficiently and accurately. Read More

Using a Card Scraper

Sharpening a card scraper is a popular topic among woodworkers. But once you get a card scraper sharp, how do … Read More

Emergency Rasp

A set of files and rasps comes in handy for shaping workpieces. But if you don't have a particular tool … Read More

Hand Saw Depth Guide

Cutting to a consistent depth is a key part of working with a hand saw. In addition to your layout … Read More

Tool Caddy

Chisels and carving tools are nice to have close at hand, but you don't want the sharp edges exposed. Here's … Read More

Small Parts Miter Trimmer

It isn't easy to trim a small piece of molding once it's been cut. You need a way to hold … Read More