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Whether you want to build an heirloom quality piece of furniture or a simple bookshelf, we have a design to get you started.

Rediscovering The Scratch Stock

Create beads and other simple profiles with this traditional, shop-made hand tool. Read More

Selecting Table Edge Profiles

Try one of these time-tested profiles to dress up your next table project Read More

Built-In Secret Spaces

Hiding places in antique furniture were created out of necessity. In today’s furniture they’re interesting cubbies that are fun to … Read More

Drawer Location Labeling

A project with a lot of drawers provide plenty of opportunity for confusion. Learn a simple way to keep things … Read More

Button Box Feet

One of the challenges of making small boxes is finding the right-sized hardware and accessories to match. Take a look … Read More

Smooth-Sliding Drawers

Dovetailed drawers are a sign of solid construction. Here are a few tricks for making them work as good as … Read More

Details of Craftsmanship

A solid-wood back boosts the look of any cabinet. Here's how to tailor the appearance and install it correctly. Read More

Creating a Built-Up Molding

You can combine routed profiles into larger, more dramatic moldings. Follow these steps to get great-looking details. Read More

Face Frame Details

A face frame strengthens the front of a case. You can also use it to enhance the overall look of … Read More

Durable Case Construction

You want your projects to last for generations. Here's a construction technique that is sure to stand the test of … Read More

Classic Cabinet Details

When you use solid wood for a cabinet back, you need to account for wood movement and making it look … Read More

Better Cabinet Backs

Skip the plywood and use solid wood to make a cabinet back. Here's one way to make it look great. Read More

Installing Hardware Made Easy

Use a hand-held router and a template for a perfect fit. Read More

Built to Last

Classic construction accommodates wood movement. Read More

The Easy Way to Attach a Tabletop

This simple system creates a solid connection. Read More