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Whether you want to build an heirloom quality piece of furniture or a simple bookshelf, we have a design to get you started.

Better Shelves for Standards and Brackets

Here's a better way to integrate shelves to store-bought standards and brackets. Read More

Build an Outdoor Tile-Top Table in a Weekend!

How do you build a sturdy outdoor table without any tricky mortise and tenon joinery? Using pocket screws makes it … Read More

Using Kumiko in Furniture

Kumiko is a delicate and sophisticated technique of assembling wooden pieces without the use of nails to make decorative panels. Read More

Rediscovering The Scratch Stock

Create beads and other simple profiles with this traditional, shop-made hand tool. Read More

Choosing Cabinet Lighting

Installing the right lighting is the key to highlighting your treasures. Read More

Selecting Table Edge Profiles

Try one of these time-tested profiles to dress up your next table project Read More

Built-In Secret Spaces

Hiding places in antique furniture were created out of necessity. In today’s furniture they’re interesting cubbies that are fun to … Read More

Drawer Location Labeling

A project with a lot of drawers provide plenty of opportunity for confusion. Learn a simple way to keep things … Read More

Button Box Feet

One of the challenges of making small boxes is finding the right-sized hardware and accessories to match. Take a look … Read More

Smooth-Sliding Drawers

Dovetailed drawers are a sign of solid construction. Here are a few tricks for making them work as good as … Read More

Details of Craftsmanship

A solid-wood back boosts the look of any cabinet. Here's how to tailor the appearance and install it correctly. Read More

Creating a Built-Up Molding

You can combine routed profiles into larger, more dramatic moldings. Follow these steps to get great-looking details. Read More

Face Frame Details

A face frame strengthens the front of a case. You can also use it to enhance the overall look of … Read More

Durable Case Construction

You want your projects to last for generations. Here's a construction technique that is sure to stand the test of … Read More

Classic Cabinet Details

When you use solid wood for a cabinet back, you need to account for wood movement and making it look … Read More