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ShopNotes Podcast E021 — Purchasing Tools Cheap vs. Expensive

By: Phil Huber
When is a low-cost, lower-quality tool or supply worth it?

This week on the ShopNotes Podcast, Logan, John, and Phil continue on with their conversation from a previous episode about purchasing tools and when they like to get expensive, high-quality tools or go in the opposite direction and get cheap tools.

Listener Question:

I have been listening to the podcasts which have been great material to listen to for the commute back and forth from work. My question is what is the best way to clean some old wood working tools, planes, chisels, etc. I hear Logan talking about refurbishing old tools and selling and was curious of his technique. I want to make these tools usable but not wreck the patina that would devalue them. Mark Sawyers

Logan usually uses Simple Green. However, this product has citric acid which can soften the japanning on old handplanes.

When protecting paint is important, he uses Mean Green from Harbor Freight. While it's sold as a power washing concentrate, it easily tackles the schmutz that accumulates on tools. Dilute the concentrate with water, as per the instructions before using.

John's go-to cleaner is CMT bit and blade cleaner. In spite of the name, it quickly cleans gunk off every kind of tool and surface.

When it comes to dealing with rust, both Rust Free and Evaporust are options the guys are satisfied with.

For simple cleanup and to bring up the sheen, Logan applies Alfie Shine.

Published: May 29, 2020
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