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ShopNotes Podcast 173 — Machinist Tool Flex

By: Phil Huber
Everything from machinist tools to handsaws

The show opens with a reader comment from WoodtickGreg: I have a small vintage 1942 Burke mill and a fully restored vintage 1949 southbend heavy 10" metal lathe. I'm just a hobbiest with machining but I do enjoy it. I do also have a powermatic mill right mill, similar to a Bridgeport, all in my basement. 1 side of the basement is the wood shop and the other side is the metal working shop. Mechanics tools and mig welder are in the garage. I have made all of my own carbide turning tools, tool rest, etc. I made a diamond grinding wheel dresser too. I can make parts for my other hobbies, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. So sometimes the metalworking does cross over to the wood shop and vice versa, maybe a metal tool needs a handle or something. There is something very cool about running metal working machines that are older than me and I'm a senior citizen. And yes tooling for the metal working machines is a rabbit hole, kinda like a wood lathe and the tooling for that. Oh, and my friends love that I have all of this stuff!

This gets us that much closer to talking Logan into buying a milling machine — even if it is a benchtop unit.

Speaking of machines, Logan is getting a German-made Konig lathe, model HS2006. But he just can't find information about it ... anywhere. So if anyone listening can help, let us know.

The spiral cutterhead arrived for the Towsley jointer. It's a lot bigger than we remember. Spiral cutterhead for Towsley 24" jointer

What's next (left) on the jointer, you ask? He needs bearing blocks cast, bearings, a motor, sandblasting, and paint. So. Close. He's been leaning on the wisdom of Keith Rucker whose videos are enlightening and serve as good shop background sounds.

While we're at it, Logan dished on his current appreciation for hand saws. Here are some that we talked about in the show. Hand saws

New Blue Spruce Toolworks Dovetail saw and gent's saw Blue Spruce Toolworks back saws

Dave Jeske's new joinery saw Joinery saw from Dave Jeske

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Published: Oct. 27, 2023
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Topics: hand saws, metalworking, workshop

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