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ShopNotes Podcast 126 — Wood Stashes

By: Phil Huber
Storing, organizing, and collecting wood for projects ... or just hoarding it.

On this episode of the ShopNotes Podcast, Logan, John, and Phil are discussing how they store lumber and plywood and what wood they hang on to and when it's okay to throw it away.

When talking about storing lumber and plywood, it's easy to get distracted in the geometry of it: the shelves, the stickers, the racks, the bins. But there's a philisophical train of thought to follow that's probably more important.

Asking questions like the following will get you closer to determining your storage needs than trying to figure out how many shelves you can cram into your garage. What is the purpose of the material you gather? How do you plan to use the material? Just because it's a good deal, does it mean you should get it? How small it too small to hold on to?

Phil mentioned his lumber rack. It's the ultimate storage solution for lumber, short pieces, even tools.

Published: Aug. 24, 2022
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