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ShopNotes Podcast 092 — Dream Tools, Dream Materials

By: Phil Huber
Boost your woodworking with a little imagination

A good part of woodworking is imagining something that doesn't exist and then bringing it to life. For most of us, that results in the projects we create. But there's something to be said for farther off daydreaming — not while tools are running, of course.

____Dream Tools__

Logan poses the starter question today: What's a dream tool that you'd like that doesn't already exist?

For Phil, it's a small-scale slot mortiser that doesn't rely on a router for the power source. Commercial slot mortisers are geared for production work and scaled for big jobs. Router-based tools can sometimes be too much. Phil wants a benchtop unit with the simplicity of a old-school Inca table saw slot mortiser and the handiness of a Festool Domino.

Logan wants an automatic Miter Master. A power tool that will trim miters to exactness with the ease of a milling machine.

What's your dream tool?

Logan brought up the Biesemeyer miter saw table system as something he wishes were still available. We've had one in the shop at Woodsmith for more than 20 years.

Biesemeyer miter saw table system

Beisemeyer miter saw table miter stop

Biesemeyer miter saw table end stop

____Dream Wood__

Barring hybridizing a whole new species of wood, a dream wood may be something that already exists, but you don't get to use it often. Or it may be a wood that doesn't show up in the usual sources. What would you like to work with?

For materials, Logan wants a blend of walnut and Spanish cedar. Lightweight, rich look, easy to work.

Phil still is on a softwood kick. So something a little unusual but avoiding the knotty common construction lumber. Hemlock and yellow cedar come to mind.

John (and Logan) love Baltic birch plywood and wish it would come with different face veneers.

____Dream Shop Buddy__

Who would you like to spend a day in the shop with?

David Marks tops the list for Logan. He grew up watching David's show WoodWorks on PBS.

Dave Fisher sits at the top of Phil's list. He enjoys some carving and sculpting. And thinks a day/weekend with Dave would be treat in learning new skills and ideas.

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Published: Oct. 22, 2021
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