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ShopNotes podcast 089 — I dated an Amber Shellac

By: Phil Huber
There's a lot to talk about: water-based vs. oil finishes, measuring blunders, and more.

The more woodworking you do and the more woodworkers you hang out with, one thing becomes clear — there's a lot to this craft.

On this episode, Logan starts off with a question about finish preferences. Collin on the Pop Wood staff uses water-based finish, Logan is an oil-based guy. I usually use water-based, as well. This approach has more to do with my unique circumstances and preferences than a "this is better than that" mentality.

The guys also discuss the importance of numbers and measurements. Woodsmith project plans lay out everything. And for good reason. But that doesn't mean those dimensions should rule (or ruin) your shop time. There's a time when the numbers means something and a time to just put down the ruler.

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Also mentioned in this episode:

Phil is making a pizza peel based on this plan.

Marie Lester on Instagram. This one is mainly about baking bread. But she has some amazing bread boards and other wooden bread-related tools.

Making breadboards and cuttings boards are top projects for many woodworkers, this book offers a lot of new ideas.

I really like this pizza/baking peel.

Published: Oct. 1, 2021
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