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ShopNotes podcast 087 — What Defines a Woodworker

By: Phil Huber
John, & Phil take on Logan to figure out what makes a woodworker.

On this episode of the ShopNotes Podcast, Phil, Logan, and John discuss what defines someone as a "woodworker" and what defines them individually as a "woodworker." It is getting philosophical and a little intense at times, so tune in if you like to watch Logan squirm!

Here's a response to the show from a listener:

You guys must not follow @darrell.peart on Instagram. I assume you know who he is, if not he is one the leading Greene & Greene experts. One of his current passions is rebuilding his deck with a little G&G flair (and a lot of colored glass). It would be good if you guys could interview him on the podcast. It would make a good follow up to your woodworker making a deck discussion. Scroll through his Instagram posts to see his deck in process.

I think you did a little disservice to the "woodworkers" with the I round an edge with a router, I'm a woodworker. That is like saying I drilled a hole in a board, so I'm a woodworker. I think because you guys are so close to woodworking it is harder for you to define it. Think about a different trade, like a mechanic for instance. Am I a mechanic because I buy a compressor and an impact wrench and rotate my tires? No. To earn the title you need a certain proficiency. Being a mechanic is more than just owning the tools, or just using the tools. Obviously there are different levels from a beginning woodworker to a master craftsman. But to even be a beginning woodworker I think you have to build a few things to completion, not just use some of the tools. I know you broached this car driver discussion.

Hope my comments didn't come across to harsh, it wasn't meant that way, just my perspective. I love the podcast and think you guys do a great job. I've been a Wordsmith subscriber pretty much since the beginning and really miss ShopNotes. Would be nice to see the publisher do a quarterly or even annual ShopNotes special edition for sale for an added price with new original/new content. Interested to see how you guys evolve Popular Woodworking.

Take care, Rich

Published: Sept. 23, 2021
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