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ShopNotes Podcast 086 — The Worst Part of Woodworking

By: Phil Huber
Take a tour of the latest Popular Woodworking issue and haggle over the worst aspect of this hobby.

Woodworking is a hobby and it's supposed to be fun. — Chris Fitch, Creative Director

There's a creative outlet in building projects from wood. At the end of our shop time, we've made something real. That doesn't mean there aren't times that are frustrating, or maddening. Learning a new skill forces our brains to create new pathways and our muscles to be trained. During the process, the results don't match the vision in our head.

John, Logan, and I talk about some parts of our hobby that can feel more like obstacles than the quiet Zen of creating. Sanding and finishing are oft-repeated downers in the craft. There maybe something to it, but a lot of times I feel like it's just accepted without much consideration.

John's description of the "clean up" of a project before you get to finishing comes closer. When the big visible changes stop, I feel a loss of momentum.

Popular Woodworking

The latest issue of Popular Woodworking is out. Logan gives an overview of what's in the new issue. This one gets the magazine closer to what Logan sees as fulfilling the goal of what Popular Woodworking should be.

Woodsmith Shop

Season 15 of the Woodsmith Shop drops next week. One of the projects is a shop cart that I customized with a few different organizers. I made a bit rack onscreen that does a good job of showing the concepts. However, it didn't match my bit collection and needs.

CNC Router Bit Rack

I worked up a new layout that inlcudes plenty of holes for router bit storage, slots for wrenches, pockets for guide bushing and posts for the collets. I handed the mockup to Chris who kindly programmed the CNC to handle the drilling and shaping duties. The benefit is that the holes are just slightly bigger than the shank of the bits for an easy fit.

Also mentioned in this episode: Cecil Pierce: Fifty Years a Planemaker and User

Bill Martley & the Studley mallet

Studley Toolchest book

Andrew Kimmons chisels

Alma Villalobos

Published: Sept. 10, 2021
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