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Lefty Circular Saw Cut Off Jig

By: Phil Huber
This circular saw guide gives you straight, square cuts.

Left handed jig

In real life, I'm a left-handed woodworker. In many videos and photos I need to move to the other side of the plate.

In a video tip, I showed off a clever circular saw cutoff accessory from William Fais. I made the cut with my right hand, using a right blade circ saw. A reader asked about making a left-handed version.

For all the southpaws, this one is for you. Keep in mind that it works best with a "blade left" saw.

Here's the original tip:

righty version

When making a crosscut with a circular saw, I always use a jig to ensure clean, square cuts. The one shown here is a combination of hardboard and plywood. The dimensions are listed at right, but I recommend leaving the hardboard extra wide to begin with. Use your circular saw to cut the jig to final width. This creates a reference edge you can use to align your cuts.

jig in use

After marking your layout line on the workpiece it’s a simple matter to make a clean, square cut.

William Faris Murray, Utah

Published: July 26, 2022
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