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Using sharp tools is a necessity for quality work. Learn tips and tricks for getting (and keeping) your tools sharp.

Honing Jig

With a small amount of scrap material and a little bit of time you can make this jig for your … Read More

Get Razor-Sharp Edges

There's no doubt that sharp tools work better and deliver top-notch results. When results really matter, try this technique to … Read More

Top Sharpening Secret

Sharpening is a skill that takes practice. But you can cut down on the learning curve with a few hints. Read More

Sharpening Tricky Angles

Get razor-sharp edges with a shop-made guide. Read More

Keep Your Tools Sharp

Protect your chisels with these edge guards. Read More

Cleaning Bits & Blades

Extend the life of your cutting tools. Read More

Super Sharp, Super Fast

Sharpening Jig Tackles Tricky Blades. Read More