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Using sharp tools is a necessity for quality work. Learn tips and tricks for getting (and keeping) your tools sharp.

Flattening a Worn Waterstone

A little maintenance will keep your waterstones in good shape for a long time. Read More

Scary Sharp Tools on a Drill Press Powered Sharpener!

Your drill press might not be the first thing you think of when you want to sharpen your chisels or … Read More

How to Repair Broken Waterstones

If you've ever had a sharpening stone break, you know how heartbreaking it feels. We had two break recently. It … Read More

Sharpening Forstner Bits

Nothing beats a Forstner bit for drilling clean, flat-bottomed holes — unless the bit is dull... Read More

How to Flatten and Maintain Waterstones

Waterstones are great for sharpening your edge tools, but the surface of a waterstone can become dished over time leading … Read More

Bench Grinder Tool Rests for Sharpening

Add some precision to your sharpening tasks by upgrading your tool rest. Read More

10 Precision Honing Guides

A honing guide makes sharpening easy an accurate. But before choosing one, it's worth comparing the features among them. Read More

Quickly Sharpen a Plane Blade

For your hand tools to work effectively they need to be sharp. In this video, Chris shows how to quickly … Read More

Honing Jig

With a small amount of scrap material and a little bit of time you can make this jig for your … Read More

Waterstone Storage

Storing waterstones in water leaves them ready at a moment's notice. However, overtime, the water can turn a little murky. … Read More

Sharpening Bench Mat

Waterstones make sharpening hand tools a snap. However, the water and slurry can be a bit of a mess. Here's … Read More

Get Razor-Sharp Edges

There's no doubt that sharp tools work better and deliver top-notch results. When results really matter, try this technique to … Read More

Top Sharpening Secret

Sharpening is a skill that takes practice. But you can cut down on the learning curve with a few hints. Read More

Simple Sharpening Helper

Here's a great way to get a better grip while sharpening. Read More

Sharpening Tricky Angles

Get razor-sharp edges with a shop-made guide. Read More