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Using sharp tools is a necessity for quality work. Learn tips and tricks for getting (and keeping) your tools sharp.

Waterstone Storage

Storing waterstones in water leaves them ready at a moment's notice. However, overtime, the water can turn a little murky. … Read More

Sharpening Bench Mat

Waterstones make sharpening hand tools a snap. However, the water and slurry can be a bit of a mess. Here's … Read More

Get Razor-Sharp Edges

There's no doubt that sharp tools work better and deliver top-notch results. When results really matter, try this technique to … Read More

Top Sharpening Secret

Sharpening is a skill that takes practice. But you can cut down on the learning curve with a few hints. Read More

Simple Sharpening Helper

Here's a great way to get a better grip while sharpening. Read More

Sharpening Tricky Angles

Get razor-sharp edges with a shop-made guide. Read More

Quick Tip for Sharper Tools

An easy way to keep your waterstones in top shape. Read More

Keep Your Tools Sharp

Protect your chisels with these edge guards. Read More

Cleaning Bits & Blades

Extend the life of your cutting tools. Read More

Super Sharp, Super Fast

Sharpening Jig Tackles Tricky Blades. Read More

Razor Sharp in Record Time

Don Shares His Foolproof Sharpening Technique Read More

Sharpen a Plane Blade

A flat back is a must for razor-sharp edges. Read More