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A planer gives you straight, flat, and accurately-thicknessed boards that will get your project off on the right foot.

Making Half-Round Dowels

Here's a trick that let's you flatten a dowel to your hearts content. Read More

Planer Table Tip

A simple step that keeps your planer performing perfectly. Read More

Upgrade Your Planer Cart With Handy, Built-in Features!

This easy-to-build cart turns a small benchtop planer into a compact workstation with some hidden, built-in features that will make … Read More

5 Essential Planer Secrets

Turn your thickness planer into a multipurpose tool with these simple tips, jigs, and fixtures. Read More

Changing Planer Knives

Follow an easy process to get smooth, flat boards from your planer every time. Read More

Thickness Planer Checkup

After thicknessing hundreds of feet of lumber, your planer could use a once over. This step-by-step approach will have your … Read More

Get More From Your Planer

A thickness planer quickly creates smooth stock in almost any thickness. But there's more to this tool than meets the … Read More

Thickness Planer Upgrade

Shop-made extensions make it easy to tackle long boards. Read More

Two Cures for Planer Snipe

Handy tricks for smooth boards. Read More