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Finishing & Sanding

Sanding and finishing can become less tedious by using a few of these simple tricks.

Create A Custom Stain Color

A simple approach for a unique look. Read More

Super Tools for Smooth Surfaces

These traditional tools shape curves with ease. Read More

Secrets for Smooth Surfaces

Tips and tricks for scraping and sanding your next project. Read More

First Step for Finishing

Find blemishes before they can ruin your projects. Read More

Knock-Down Sanding Center

This compact workcenter controls dust right at the source. Read More

One of Our Favorite Tools

It's our secret weapon for smooth surfaces. Read More

Benchtop Finishing Station

This low-cost platform saves time. Read More

Low-Cost Finishing Platform

Simple supports raise your project for flawless finishing. Read More

Perfect Chamfers on Small Parts

Soften sharp edges in seconds. Read More

Long-Lasting Brushes

Keep your brushes working great for years to come. Read More

Perfect Finish for Small Projects

Here's an easy-to-apply, fast-drying finish for gift projects. Read More

A Fast & Durable Finish Recipe

Follow This Three-Step Process for a Great-Looking Finish. Read More

Fast Fix for Finish Flaws

An Easy Way to Touch Up Blemishes Read More

Quick & Easy Finishing Technique

A Hybrid Approach Looks Great and Saves Time Read More

Best Workbench Finish

Finish first for cleaner glue joints. Read More