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ShopNotes Podcast

Join us every week for woodworking inspiration and fun. Hosts John Doyle, Logan Wittmer, and Phil Huber from Woodsmith magazine share what they're working on, lessons learned, shop stories, and behind-the-scenes news at Woodsmith. Be on the lookout for special interviews and answers to listener questions. Thanks for listening!

Episode Details

ShopNotes Podcast 039 — If it's not wood, what is it?

Other materials besides wood show up (and work well) in projects. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 038 — Anniversary Woodworking

How woodworkers celebrate anniversaries. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 037 — Improvising in the Shop

Sometimes a plan in a launchpad for new ideas when building projects. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 036 — The Extemporaneous Episode

Making your own lumber is its own reward. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 035 — Interview with Matt Kenney

Take a deep dive into the brain of this furniture maker, author, and teacher. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 034 — You Gonna Paint That?

The hosts explore woodworkers attitudes about painting wood projects. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 033 — A Few of My Favorite Things

What makes you happy in woodworking? Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 032 — Opportunistic Woodworking

On this episode of the ShopNotes Podcast, John, Logan, and Phil discuss the derecho weather phenomenon that recently went through … Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 031 — Listener Comments & More

Learn what goes into making Woodsmith magazine. The good and the bad. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast E030 — What Grinds Your Chisels?

It's the mid-summer airing of grievances. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast E029 — Design & Inspiration — The Lost Episode

Two Woodsmith designers reveal their design process for furniture projects. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast E028 — What kind of Woodworker are you

The hosts of this woodworking podcast discuss the reasons behind their woodworking hobby and how it shapes them. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast E027 — Workshop Wildlife

Woodworking podcast answering question about recent tool purchases, animals in the workshop, and current projects. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast E26 — Workshop Update

Guest appearances by Marc and Dillon Read More

ShopNotes Podcast E025 — Woodworking Jigs

You can design and build woodworking jigs that make your work more accurate, faster, and safer. Here's what to consider. Read More