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ShopNotes Podcast

Join us every week for woodworking inspiration and fun. Hosts John Doyle, Logan Wittmer, and Phil Huber from Woodsmith magazine share what they're working on, lessons learned, shop stories, and behind-the-scenes news at Woodsmith. Be on the lookout for special interviews and answers to listener questions. Thanks for listening!

Episode Details

ShopNotes Podcast 061 — Breaking the Rules

Learn to discern when a woodworking rule can be bent or broken. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 060 — Sanding, Pandemic Anniversary & Fixing Flaws

There's more to surface preparation that just grabbing some sandpaper. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 059 — Questions and Answers

This episode answers a few listener questions about router bits, planes, finishes, and more. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 058 — Project Deadline

John, Logan, and Phil approach their project completion finish line. See how they did. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 057 — Start at the Finish

Finishing comes back as the topic of the day. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 056 — A Madness To The Method

The team explores go-to tools and methods for woodworking tasks and certain tools that just clicked. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 055 — Tool Buying, Collecting or Hoarding

The cast discusses tools we use and tools we don't use anymore. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 054 — Logan Takes a Class

The joys of wood turning and learning new skills. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 053 — Start It, Finish It

Starting a project is great, getting it completed ... not so much. That ends here. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 052 — Workshop Dust Collection

Clean air, cleaner shop, and having fun in your workshop are all benefits of having a solid dust collection plan. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 051 — The Workbench Year

Building a custom workbench to fit your style of woodworking and looks great too. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 050 — Year in Review

Finding the woodworking bright spots in a crazy year. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 049 — Hot Rodding Your Tools

Some woodworkers treat their tools as sacred objects, others as disposable. This episode tackles the topic of hacking your tools … Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 048 — 30 Questions from Logan

While cleaning up his workshop, Logan Wittmer thought of some questions. Then he asked them. Read More

ShopNotes Podcast 047 — What Glue for You?

There are so many woodworking glue types available. Choosing which ones to have in your workshop can sometimes feel overwhelming. Read More